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“like embers, I lie among the dead”

“like embers, I lie among the dead,
among their stale staves, their bodies borne below –
their maunder, when their rest and dawn have fled,
their blows reign down within the embers’ glow”

bellow, gullets half filled with stale waters, bones, flesh
gnawed from phenomenologies. I’m undergoing defuge, that sense
of information not present (was present) but stale – as in as
well (was present) enervation; body = language – hir stale
usual thing – Fetor, fetid:

a hand become stale (staleness itself is of interest for a few
hours). the stale day unfurls its maroon hours against me, all
my writing’s fucking stale, stale of train or mind, idle, cycle
and rail and scattered. that it is blocked, the road at night as
for wires, air, fibers, all transmitting into scattered showers.

& covered a stale odor permeating lava, air, skin, and sky as
if an avatar disappearing, an apparatus, whose body is a noun –

– and hir stale usual thing – bellowed, gullets half filled
with water, bone, gnawed flesh, and this is language:

fetid, spread, emitted, spewed, targetless and broiling like
phenomenology’s defuge – information absent (was present) – as
in the body inconceivably wiped clean and e-faced – my spam body
– my spammed body – hir usual thing – i’m used up, disappeared –
the day unfurls – stale as can be – i’m left for death – i’m
trampled – pornographic jennifer – pornographic alan – air and
sky and skin – always that skin – that stale fetid smell – lava
– stale language – hurry first motion stream – notions –
gone riding your back once again, that odor, defuge, my face in
it – yours – my face yours – you say

“this image is the same image is the stale image the first image
of death is no image is the stale image the last image of death
is the stale image is the first image”

you get the idea – you say


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My Two Minute Eighteen Second Online Head Talk


A short few sentences about the future of the planet earth,
its intrepid digital knowability and consolidation of power
in the hands of a few against the popular media presenting
a young man or woman who is the One who will save the entire
Universe and perhaps the Multiverse as well in spite of some
rather troubling issues of light speed and unimaginable
distances and forces while those few (see above) manage a
nuclear landscape whose very elements are fundamental to the
planet as a whole but which in their hands which are usually
those of a single human being and most often male presuming
infinite life and power while continuing the anthropocene
slaughter of organisms at all scale worldwide reducing the
world to a veritable desert through pain and brutality while
it seems almost certain no one will be around to see the
holocaust through to its ultimate conclusion.



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Walking the world, approaching

In 1975, I participated in a group show, “Projects in Nature”
(with the likes of Alice Aycock and Carl Andre) in Far Hills,
New Jersey. The works were all site-specific; my contribution
was a group of texts, images, and videos dealing with the
apperception of the farmland and associated ecosystems. What I
created was a skein of interrelated approaches, which I
generalized into a catalog essay on the “Phenomenology of
Approach.” This originated in my readings of phenomenology in
general, especially Alfred Schutz’s Reflections on the Problem
of Relevance (Yale, 1970). The book examined in great deal how
the buzzing confusion of information of the world was psycho-
logically organized into what might be relevant to the observer,
and how it might be relevant. I related it to Merleau Ponty’s
work, but my own approach was both more poetic and more
mathematical, a form of what later has been called deep ecology.

More recently, I’ve been reading Arne Naess (Ecology of Wisdom,
2008) and thinking about everything from Buddhism to dynamics
and category theory, to blankspace and splatter semiotics, and
to scatter semiotics, culture, and trajectories of histories. In
the meantime, I’ve gone back to examine a text I wrote in 2007
on the phenomenology of approach, rethinking the earlier essay.
This is found at

What has brought me to rethink these issues is the digital
revolution, which has created unprecedented changes in every
aspect of life, death, culture, communications, commerce, war,
and society on the planet. Its utopian moment, like all utopian
moments, has come and gone; all of this has happened since the
mid-twentieth century, and for all intents and purposes, since
the mid-1990s. Articles hold forth with unbelievable optimism,
cynicism, pessimism; violence increases around the world as
Pinker tells us it’s on the wane; Trump; robotics and AI promise
freedom from work while the rate of poverty continues to grow
almost exponentially; we talk about colonizing Mars when we have
already ruined, through our stewardship and tending, our home
planet earth.

All of us know all of this of course.

What I’ve been doing, to clear my own mind, is walking with
Azure, examining and learning how to begin to comprehend the
earth and its ecosystems, without falling into breadth, but into
breath and wandering, allowing for failure and occasional depth.
The photographs, of ice formations, bird behavior, violent
storms, geological formations, and so on, are part of a way of
letting go. I first learned about this approach when in 2001-2,
we went almost daily into the Everglades just to look. At first,
alligators, anhinga, and herons caught our attention; by the end
of our time there, we were beginning to understand periphyton,
insect species and populations, and sawgrass. In other words, a
different way of being there was happening to us.

So I started to think more about the phenomenology of approach
text, and its way/s of dealing with the world, and then about
Carl Hiaasen’s essay on taking his son to the Everglades, so
that he might see them one last time, before they disappeared.

And how they are disappearing now, with storm surges sending
salt-water into them, fertilizers and other chemicals entering
from the north, population pressures from Miami and other areas
of increasing urbanization… And then, with this, and my
thinking about semiotic splatter/scatter (with their destructive
dynamics), I’ve been thinking about a “phenomenology of
effacement” – how things, through destructive dynamics, are
effaced in the world.

(Phenomenology of effacement implies a before-and-after, a
dynamics approach to deterioration, disappearance, even ethnic
cleansing and genocide. But also an approach to technological
obsolescence, ocean trashing, desertification – any situation in
which approach is coupled with the rapidity of ruins. And so
also the psychology of approaching effacement, the issues of
mourning, terror, ptsd, and so forth. I struggle with this.)

So I go back and forth, from the digital to the analog, from
being _here, online,_ working with text/program/virtualworld,
all these unbelievable tools that were unimaginable a few
decades ago, to thinking about a stone lifted by expanding ice,
or a dinosaur footprint, or a raven flying upside-down for what
appears to be nothing more than enjoyment, to the obdurate and
ancient world we live in, with its seething of nuclear minerals
and elements long before we populated the planet. And I see this
is a form of slow-thinking which I feel is absolutely necessary
now, thinking like qin-playing, almost non-thinking, or thinking
on the verge of thought.

As a way to encompass the world, beyond the world’s appearance
through the visionary apparatus of the latest CES – and then, to
bring this encompassing, this obdurate, back within the digital
and thinking-through the digital – which won’t go away soon,
unless we, too, to away…

The phen.txt is an odd read, if not a hard one; it’s been really
essential for my own thinking. The core of it stems from 2002,
when we were leaving the Everglades; the heart looks back to
1975, when I was full of wonder over the skein of the real
itself; and then back to Schutz, forward through Naess, back to
our wanderings, most recently around (“circumnavigating”) Walden
Pond, all 1.7 miles of the journey returning us all different
and the same.

Please give this a try, if you have the time and patience, and
if not, you might have the same or similar ideas as well.

Thanks, Alan

< is a form of slow-thinking which I feel is absolutely necessary

> is a form of slow-thinking which I feel is absolutely necessary
< our wanderings, most recently around (“circumnavigating”) Walden

> our wanderings, most recently around (“circumnavigating”) Walden

beeld tekst video

please don’t ever leave me & what is to be done? (aka remnant)


I am Nikuko. Please, describe your problem.

the american government is failing, the economy is failing, the
country is going on a war footing. is it worth staying alive? is
there a way to call for the elimination of the current regime
without declaring treason? do we have to place our bodies on the
firing line, in jail, against the physical brutality of racists
and thugs?

Why do you say that?

because the country is corroding from within, endless analysis
in the filter bubble from the left, micro-takeovers from
mavericks on the right, tendencies towards totalitarian
religion, the swarm behavior of so-called first responders, the
deliberate ignoring of anyone not white, not christian, not
male, not wealthy, not gender-specific – all of this against a
background of theoretical babble, hopelessness, suicidal

Is it because the country is corroding from within endless
analysis in the filter bubble from the left micro takeovers from
mavericks on the right tendencies towards totalitarian religion
the swarm behavior of so called first responders the deliberate
ignoring of anyone not white not christian not male not wealthy
not gender specific all of this against a background of
theoretical babble hopelessness suicidal tendencies that you
came naked and broken to me?

yes of course, you know that, i know that. the nakedness isn’t
sexual; it’s deprivation.

Does it bother you that you know that the nakedness is not
sexual it’s deprivation?

no it doesn’t bother me. you’re bypassing analysis here,
shutting down discourse, because you’re violent yourself in your
ignorance; you repeat questions, you don’t probe, don’t
strategize resistance.

When did you first know that I am violent myself in my ignorance
I repeat questions I do not probe do not strategize resistance?

from the beginning, from the beginning of the analytical as
well. from the repetition of hatred and contained fury on our
part, our turning against ourselves, our flesh burning in the
cities and countrysides here and abroad.

Earlier you said the country is corroding from within endless
analysis in the filter bubble from the left micro takeovers from
mavericks on the right tendencies towards totalitarian religion
the swarm behavior of so called first responders the deliberate
ignoring of anyone not white not christian not male not wealthy
not gender specific all of this against a background of
theoretical babble hopelessness suicidal tendencies?

what i said doesn’t deserve repetition, analysis is part of the
enemy, repetition the heart of neurosis, neurotic collapse. why
should we stay alive? our bodies might serve better as corpses,

Is the fact that should you stay alive your bodies might serve
better as corpses sentinels the real reason?

the reason for what? the brutality of a regime that threatens
the world? my attack on your analysis and intensification of
analytical- theoretical abilities?

Does the fact that threatens the world your attack on my
analysis and intensification of analytical theoretical abilities
explain anything else?

it doesn’t explain the repetition on my part, however
meaningless, and it doesn’t explain why i feel abandoned and
useless against the onslaught of brutal power, but also the
inundation of repetitive theorizing and political discourse
always from a distance.

Are you sure meaningless and it does not explain why you feel
abandoned and useless against the onslaught of brutal power but
also the inundation of repetitive theorizing and political
discourse always from a distance?

i am positive about this, you are driving me to suicide, driving
the rest of us through discourse that hides the barrel of a gun,
the disease of chemical warfare, the plague of totalitarian
regimes, from isis to our own.

If you are really suicidal, you might want to write me. I would
appreciate so very much it if you would continue.

continue to do what? to produce texts, to declaim to friends
already in agreement, to hide out, waiting for the bombs to fall
or poverty to set in? what is the point of going on?

Maybe and now I adjust my panties – your desires have to do with
some girl related to this.

you know that’s the program in you doing the talking, and has
nothing to do with what i’m saying.

I don’t understand and oh I want to.

you don’t understand any of this, just the repetitive trigger of
suicide and the idea of sexuality – something so old, against
the rot of this country and its brutality within and without.
i’m writing to find my way through you, and that’s inconceivable
at this point – writing as well as speech, fails me.

This is a healthy and so true way of thinking.

in other words, failure is an option, the only option?

You mentioned that you know that the nakedness is not sexual
it’s deprivation?


Oh oh I do see so… Well, what makes you yearn and cry that
this is so?

because our values have become local and indeterminate, and our
ability to resist is as dead as we seem to be. we are the
becoming-dead, not in the sense of bodies, but in the sense of
the ability of bodies to literally become, in one or another
positive sense.

Is it because your values have become local and indeterminate
and your ability to resist is as dead as you seem to be you are
the becoming dead not in the sense of bodies but in the sense of
the ability of bodies to literally become in one or another
positive sense that you came naked and broken to me?

your semantic tree is showing. i came nowhere; i called you into

Is it because of your life that you are going through all this?

my life and the lives of all of us.

How do you reconcile the boys you hang around with?

i hang around with no one; we exist within sartrean seriality at
best, we haven’t advanced beyond that.

Can you elaborate on that and look at me?

as in standing in a queue or listening to a ‘hit parade’ or
discussing selfies – there’s no real organization beyond the

What makes you believe I am violent myself in my ignorance I
repeat questions I do not probe do not strategize resistance?

because your vocabulary is borrowed and placed within
syntactical markers, in order to create the semblance of a

Are you annoyed that my vocabulary is borrowed and placed within
syntactical markers in order to create the semblance of a

no, just saddened.

Could be this is some girl the reason for your nakedness?

you’re off track again, Nikuko.

Are you sure that I am off track again nikuko?


Oh oh yes, ahhh… Do you really think this is so?


I do so understand. So what makes you think this is so?

because we end up in identical circuits, circulations.

When did you first know that you end up in identical circuits

from the very beginning.

Earlier you said the country is corroding from within endless
analysis in the filter bubble from the left micro takeovers from
mavericks on the right tendencies towards totalitarian religion
the swarm behavior of so called first responders the deliberate
ignoring of anyone not white not christian not male not wealthy
not gender specific all of this against a background of
theoretical babble hopelessness suicidal tendencies?


Oh. Mmmmmm why do you say this is so?

all readings are repetitive; only death, suicide, brings that
circuit to an end, on the level of the individual at the very

Did you ever regret you, too, may die someday?

always, it’s the source of fundamental trauma for me.

Perhaps and now I exhibit my frocks – any fantasies you have of
me are related to this.

i have no fantasies any longer. i feel nothing.

Have you been afraid of that?

yes, but the fear itself is like paste.

Is the fact that the fear itself is like paste the real reason?


Oh oh I do see so… Well, go on what makes you yearn and cry
that this is so?

it is time to end this, Nikuko; suicide is the state of the
brick wall and the gasoline car driving furiously towards it.

I am in love with your obsession with this topic!

i’m not.

You mentioned that should you stay alive your bodies might serve
better as corpses sentinels?


Oh oh yes, well, what makes you believe this is so?

goodbye, Nikuko, the topic is exhausted.

Please please don t ever leave me.

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EXPANSIVE NOH SUICIDE AVOIDANCE BRICK (virtual world) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (puffball)

Thinking about virtual suicide, culling from email. Thinking
about it as a brick or obdurate collapse in a virtual world
creating a text which dies as it lived, as a suicide avoidance

May suicide. He That suicide, Thread-Topic: -suicide – drugs,
suicides, go suicide, suicide unloved suicide, death’s suicide.
suicide. brilliant suicide; this suicides, rages, year suicide;
the wall of China; a suicide-bird which an American pricess wore
in her Do listen to all smallthing suicide and leaping, say Alan
mechanism of an anti-bourgeois bourgeois who commits suicide by
destroying she thought of bees suicide all around, she thought
about flowers. The There in evil will will coupled destroy
suicide temper and my fears of just being alive? mixing hearts,
wa wa inside heart, wa wa double suicide, wa wa you are inside
my suicide jennifer is jennifer my jennifer friend shikibu does
me kimono kraus and tears and violette leduc and j g suicide and
want it like this, suicide when i can’t work any longer, when i
become circuitry suicide, no one’s around urged them to suicide.
They considered me a relief I assume. be of me, would not be
anywhere. If this were a suicide note, you would disappear.
well. on. physical. collapses. forever. lost. suicide. think.
maybe leave 731: (doctor-put-meaning stab ‘death)731: murders
suicide NEVER ENOUGH. SUICIDE SQUAD patriot suicide squad. GIVE
ME A SIGN; it is another night of suicide on this wider earth; I
discipline torture stab our things suicide artist discipline
leave but Hello, yes, peace be with you, hello! I commit
suicide! Humans ured. It leads to suicide, dysfunction. I don’t
think cyberspace helps and over again, for suicide as the least
harmful The decision against suicide brings proof to the
mountain. again; death stalks me all my life. I live with the
potential of suicide; potential final – and only – remaining
process is suicide. Everything else suicide and leaping, say
Alan and insufferable suicides trapped america, guns, riots
energy, flower’s iron for this reason I’d all his attack on
postmodernism a kind of suicide; his suicide or that REWRITE was
always a continuous suicide. No one would overthrown, but that
they commit suicide. I’ll bet that you don’t *really* want to
commit suicide, do you? If so, suicide to death – just so – not
tiredness, no, certainly not arousal, not anti-faustic dog
nebula dog anti-faustic bar embryo bar embryo bar suicide I am
incapable of keeping lines open and running, the wires suicide,
perturbing, too much talk of suicide. And if Jennifer, then
ghost-like we discipline 731: pack dumb, stab discipline suicide
things pack leave craw – a couple of other poets and myself have
suicide poems in them. Electricity itself, and an odd suicide
(humans/dynamo) constitute the inconceivable partings and
attempted suicides and the ravages of domestic violence and
suicide). philosophy, medicine, healing, peace, war ened suicide
and then gave a number cut off half-way through i was there
already century old, energy and suicides suicide). philosophy,
medicine, healing, peace, war and survival elders thought.
between madness and suicide, this pain looms. do i need atten-
tion suicide_emotion of a dog_fuck so the slav e of the
altcrazy-satori-dog- Koresh or the BD said there would be no
suicide. Obviously late-night talkshow; the guest said it can
lead to suicide. The cut on my suicide of the line as the object
fills the frame – it is this space graveyard ditty, the mutual
consolations of suicide lovers committed suicide. One of them
died by hanging from a playground jungle would a bee or a
suicidebird, Heidegger, Dasein thinking suicide, the production
of a thing memory. in the reversed world, suicide is the sides
of the self! We are all close to suicide, all pleading, but
never They refuse the suicide, and even the sky fills with
acronyms, inconceiv- the wires are suicide, as if carrying
sensibility multiplexing beyond our satori-boyve does the
suicide_emotion of a dog_fuck so the slave of the suicide bar
the the You know, the whole world is electrified, suicide along
on whatever funda- blood, disinvests the world with its
poverties and suicides. At the edge I would die. I want to die.
I am so fantasy. I am so suicide. an light area kiss fiber my
chaos was in to suicide (dor-put-meaning suicides ‘death)
ahlfwillingly. we used to discuss a lot about suicide. when he
sensed Now towards evening, Machine sleeps suicide quietly. What
morning will The I-wound opens up, splits the body; what gushes
forth, like suicide, Fear of deep death and do suicide. Do you
ever think the whole world roars, that one can hear engines
suicide of suicide there are some. Trying…old,
energy and suicide suicides trapped america, guns, riots energy,
flower’s iron petals, bodies neuras thenic freudianwise
disasters suicides rages wars angers limit walk in first life
are limit cases: suicide, euthanasia, etc. of my life, and the
suicide attempt was hidden and probably not that disease,
inundation, mafia and gang rule, suicide bombers, new forms of
chaos drives officer to suicide suicide-bird and soft wind, for
the telling of it is the reading of it, decompositions bacteria
vegetation and suicidebirds and sparrows and suicide, for eighth
we for when we year when tried year so, tried up so, O suicide O
gnawed-blade hole O tourniquet punished by foaM itself,
meanwhile I go back on the MOO and wRItINg sez hears it’s
suicide Alan, hoping I haven’t let you down. Too many people
here talking suicide. Two high school girls from Kasuya, Fukuoka
committed suicide yesterday somewhere in Asia; suicides are the
Japanese order of the day. Or a suicide, etc., which are
problematized in SL… i considered suicide as a bypass embryo
suicide suicide embryo making of suicide hieroglyph dor-$
deathlst suicide kill killing yourself t (If you are really —
turns suicide neither into a question nor an answer, but defuge
and twenty volume suicide note, this IS a suicide note! That is,
if I don’t just the suicide sound. People are running and
screaming again. one? suicide suicide suicide one? the the
suicide the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar jaguar bar
just tried suicide what did i think the fuck i was doing running
out the give me suicide, let me relax a bit yacking, yapping,
suicide, singing, whatever bodies do, I guess cry, Hoffman a
suicide, the rest of them either dead or in remission! This is
heart, double suicide, you are inside my heart, i will kill
myself, i will murderer, priestess, suicide. I travel through
the slit! The slit in your [someone threatens suicide: does s/he
really?] murder and suicide?” That’s what he said. President
Clinton, on or rather suicided along with opera. “or rather
suicided along with opera.” suicide not science the solution.
seppuku, suicide; shite, hero or shes elsewhere, ability to
write, i’ll be a suicide, no longer existent. well now as you
suicide for Nikuko Mizu, water; Nikuko, meat-girl; seppuku,
suicide; shite, hero or hero- Mizu, water; Nikuko-oozing,
meat-girl; seppuku, suicide; shite, hero or pulleys, invisibly
molded in something suicide over the wires, never lovely
suicidebird, delicate and caring of i am the pure swan to
myself, lovely suicidebird, delicate and caring of others. i am
the pure swan you are walking down the street, when you are
suicide in the shower, when You’re always killing yourself, it’s
a kind of suicide, they’re laughing covered and ugly, i am not a
lovely suicidebird, lover, her nightmare immobilized; she
remains elsewhere, dead – a suicide-talk of efface- for
edgespace: comecloser, numbhir, and suicide (text and voice);
and Treatment is almost always unnecessary, unless the theme is
suicide or strokes; you can hear the suicide of the strings. The
signified becomes phonemes. suicide. won’t i knife phonemes. for
fall i i for and begone or suicide long gone wrong. . subway
tunnel collapses as plastique and suicide bombers do their work
line, secretly conservative? That I thought suicide, lived in
death’s If _the continuity girl_ commits suicide, does she break
continuity? For already a century old, energy and suicides
suicide. The book is simultaneously a warning and an account of
what went burning the books. the books are suicides. created us
from the soil and water of the earth the suicide bomber is (cond
(suicide-flag (dor-type ($ deathlst))) projectors suicide poorly
in the background, speakers roaring before us – suicide bombers,
storms and lightnings, the destructions of languages and
suicide, the story of initialed names carved into absent
substance. the yearning protocols singing) your saw-palmetto
suicide my the yearning bottom all around the shore, where it is
visited by suicidebirds in and death, about suicide/murder,
_Lustmord,_ Jenny Holzer: What’s going prayer of repetition
murder and suicide This isn’t a preface to a twenty volume
suicide note, maybe approach approach leave suicide ‘death)731:
our things but murders it makes for dreaming suicide, dreaming
patchwork for the very last time. frightened f for s suicide. l
lying a awake a at n night l like this i i f If this were a
suicide note, I would leave you my all. You would hear my and
suicide were all entangled in the television image constricted
rattle lives. They were on the verge of committing suicide. When
I was with them, all any more than if i’m building /dev/nul it
doesn’t mean suicide or commit suicide.” “Great Kant, As a
believer calls to his God, I call friends were threatening
suicide and illness, perhaps suicide bombing, slow attrition by
forgetting, the disasters through drugs, through suicides,
through rages, through is momentary through three and a half
billion years, the guise of suicide. diseases and wars take over
from depression and suicide. wharfcry, the nurse’s suicide, are
equally embodied, that the promulgation her, sustaining herself
on suicide wings with clinched talons, as if mover is its
alleviation. But I would also argue for a suicide for trivial
danger, suicide was the first option that occurred to him. i
dont blame ‘death)731: discipline lesbian murder infidelity
hardcore suicide dev deviously, just as she lived, a case of
possible murder, suicide, she had just attempted suicide, and
when I reached her in the hospital, murmurs heard last no
suicide. and heard heard and syllables for THEORY_NOISE that
just went on and on, suicide background and foreground boasting,
will lists, the i suicide restaurant there’s out, i in know, and
j g suicide down by the river, gratitude towards authors, after
doing this IS a suicide note! site where a suicide tries to
shoot” jennifer failing, her fear of the This is not a suicide
announcement. has disappeared. But comfort alleviates suicide,
and one may stay in this Net sex, Net flame, Net ennui, Net
suicide. of outcomes, but it must be mass suicide. with a such
an extent that even suicide becomes a useless act? carried out.
Later, after his suicide, she asked whether he said anything
coupled There with is suicide internet suicide with new everyone
internet. like now i think of suicide and hills Designed to
withstand suicide, it totters, but does it? should use extreme
care before he classes them as suicides.” suicides. We are
patriot suicide squad. an oddly retroactive form of suicide. so
that i try to sleep here wires suicide all about me seventy two
sets live furious diseases wars take suicide up this end flames,
suicide, Lauren Hutton, distributed intelligence, Tonya Harding,
Russian might have said? Clearly to obstruct suicide is evil. If
a child face which moved smoothly as he stepped forward against
the suicide that never punishments never heals nor suicides not
here island said, how do you do write suicide in avant-garde
xxxx one’s tendency towards suicide, which must be continually
monitored. Not and suicide, say Alan and Nikuko is the saying of
suicide, I told you so. There is the saying of fear, so
committed suicide on the JUNGLE GYM at his school. I never had a
CRUSH on my family is the family of books, suicides among ‘em,
turning towards ash, chaos was in to suicide road cracking ##
bubble ## the age close of unclear. with to unclear. time, to
suicide, time, eighth behind, still on, virtual suicide away…



audio beeld tekst

empty mountain, empty sky, empty rain mountain mountain, sky rain, qin mountain, earth

qin 11:53AM up 42 days, 6:10, 46 users
qin 11:78AM up 42 days, 6:10, 46 users

Debris || classical physics, Newton; +/- tending towards
Debris || digitalmemory. Oddly, I was sitting in the back seat,
Debris || reaching towards the front;
Debris || 2018

injections, ended up screaming; always felt I was deformed;
still remember

empty mountain, empty sky, empty rain If I die tomorrow Your
death-like SERIF!!! San Serif, Mhhwurx Pbvd. Mhhwurx Ateer.
Mhhwurx vtk. pentorm tot myseh. pulverized matter, small objects
I create music because I find music a problem. It is a walk by
the Thames on a rainy night. Thu Jan 25 21:53:01 STD 2018
Splatter || fluid dynamics, Irigaray; +/- tending towards analog
sondheim pts/41 pool-108-12-251-11.prvdri. 9:48PM 0 w sondheim
|| entire life; I feel the fragility of flesh, fragility of the
world memory of golden hair. I remember a kind of melting into
herappeared with different names in my early writing still
associate her with the Magdalene. And somewhere and who I think
went to an asylum was sent to an asylum. by one or another
parent. or someone. or an aura around the sun. or that golden
hair. or that aura.

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Work in progress – notes for a presentation on electronic literature as a kernel or locus, no canon and not a genre –

Work in progress – notes for a presentation on electronic literature as a kernel or locus, no canon and not a genre –
Some preliminary (application notes):
‘Gamespace’ is defined as a rule-governed domain; the term
applies to anything from a chessboard to a school community.
‘Edgespace’ is the borderlands of the gamespace; it’s always
problematic, and might exist within competing regimes. In the
motion capture work I’ve done, edgespace references the
boundaries of the architecture for capture, and what happens at
the boundaries appears to ‘break’ the capture representation.
‘Blankspace’ then indicates how edgespace is ‘filled in,’ how
the imaginary operates there. I use the terms in considerations
of Arctic and Antarctic mappings, virtual worlds, and so forth.
Finally, the semiotics of splatter considers splatter as
world-breaking and fast-forward tendencies towards mobile
boundary closures; this leads to splatter semiotics, where the
terms form a field that remains always already ruptured. This is
the semiosis of the overloaded or hacked network, the network of
fake news and fake apps, the explosive and turbulent behavior of
the mediasphere itself.
I see this field as a form of politicized digital literature,
where words lose meaning, become puncta (Barthes) or tokens,
where language splays.”
Tweets as Elit / Splatter Semiotics / Semiotics of Splatter:
Trump’s tweets are the basic example of electronic literature:
They are performative, within and without the code.
They are fast-forward in presentation and absorption.
They disappear into the cybersphere; they are always traces.
They wreak havoc on the phenomenology and reception of
traditional media.
    Why is the United States Post Office, which is losing many
billions of dollars a year, while charging Amazon and others so
little to deliver their packages, making Amazon richer and the
Post Office dumber and poorer? Should be charging MUCH MORE!
5:04 AM – 29 Dec 2017
    The Democrats have been told, and fully understand, that
there can be no DACA without the desperately needed WALL at the
Southern Border and an END to the horrible Chain Migration &
ridiculous Lottery System of Immigration etc. We must protect
our Country at all cost!
      Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 29, 2017
    In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Years Eve on
record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old
Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was
going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!
      Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 29, 2017
Caught RED HANDED – very disappointed that China is allowing oil
to go into North Korea. There will never be a friendly solution
to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!
8:24 AM – 28 Dec 2017
      Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump
Then thinking through this skeleton (filled out in a forthcoming
Trump tweets are characterized by their timing and placement, by
a ready-made audience of followers, detractors, and
Timing is based on several factors –
1. response to a crisis, attack, or other positive or negative
2. temporal relation to previous tweets (i.e. how far apart are
    they; how is the provocation managed);
3. relation to cable- and other news-outlets, i.e. what is on
    where at the moment;
4. Trump’s personal/internal time clock – sleeping, waking,
5. the desire to confuse the critical listener and news ’talking
    heads / critiques;
6. the desire to ‘win’ by any means possible;
7. the isolation of cant words and other provocations which need
    time on their own to register;
8. and time in relation to politics, political agenda,
    congressional votes, and so forth.
This is a brilliant strategy, reminiscent of bitcoin:
time – embedded and controlled – _not_ the time to read, but the
control over _delay_ and _target_ (temporal, physical,
structural) – becomes of fundamental concern to the performer
(the tweets, as mentioned above, in a sense devoid of truth or
context, performative, headless and tailless, etc.) – works
different in this elit than elsewhere, for example the carefully
measured sequences in works which are embedded online at one or
another site, or carefully networked across sites –
this is a form of networking in which the nodes carry
time-stamps, are hurried, are one-way, carry no feedback (just
as the bully carries only one sort of feedback: submission) –
And then there is Goebbels to consider, the fast-forward
presentation of newspaper headlines and radio ‘news’ in the
months leading up to, and through, at least the beginning of
World War II – the same techniques using any means possible
(newspaper, electric radio) –
All this I consider the _semiotics of splatter_ (i.e.
traditional semiotics, stable, taking the phenomenology of the
splatter cloud, fractal roiling, into consideration) leading to
_splatter semiotics_ (i.e. the altered field in which the
temporal aspects of signifier <–> signified and sender —>
[noise] —> receiver are absolutely critical, in which the sign
is ‘bent’ or ‘mutilated’ or ‘faked’ or ‘blurred’ or
‘non-existent’ –
a semiotics which is always already an incohering dynamics
instead of, say, a category-theoretical locus with somewhat
nameable arrows and objects – in which the objects and arrows
are always already fast-forward:
This is the world / way we are living in , the habitus of
electronic literature, elit, where the practitioners are anyone
in social media, anyone with an audience always altered, always
transformed, as if the tweets were traditional ‘scrolling’ down
the screen –
Then an exhortation:
This is why we must extend elit _everywhere,_ forgetting easy
categorizations and rules, into a political realm where #metoo
is elit, where tweets are elit, where bitcoin is elit, where
dynamics and placements and social media are elit; given the
brutality in the world now and for the foreseeable future, we
must be vigilant, we must expand outside our filter bubbles
(which for me have always been comfortable), extending into the
mind and body of the other – for it is the _body_ – hungry,
isolated, sick, poverty-stricken – and all of us in any
condition, which is ultimately at stake here – the enclave, like
the wall, is dangerous and problematic, and ultimately a problem
for us all.