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“like embers, I lie among the dead”

“like embers, I lie among the dead,
among their stale staves, their bodies borne below –
their maunder, when their rest and dawn have fled,
their blows reign down within the embers’ glow”

bellow, gullets half filled with stale waters, bones, flesh
gnawed from phenomenologies. I’m undergoing defuge, that sense
of information not present (was present) but stale – as in as
well (was present) enervation; body = language – hir stale
usual thing – Fetor, fetid:

a hand become stale (staleness itself is of interest for a few
hours). the stale day unfurls its maroon hours against me, all
my writing’s fucking stale, stale of train or mind, idle, cycle
and rail and scattered. that it is blocked, the road at night as
for wires, air, fibers, all transmitting into scattered showers.

& covered a stale odor permeating lava, air, skin, and sky as
if an avatar disappearing, an apparatus, whose body is a noun –

– and hir stale usual thing – bellowed, gullets half filled
with water, bone, gnawed flesh, and this is language:

fetid, spread, emitted, spewed, targetless and broiling like
phenomenology’s defuge – information absent (was present) – as
in the body inconceivably wiped clean and e-faced – my spam body
– my spammed body – hir usual thing – i’m used up, disappeared –
the day unfurls – stale as can be – i’m left for death – i’m
trampled – pornographic jennifer – pornographic alan – air and
sky and skin – always that skin – that stale fetid smell – lava
– stale language – hurry first motion stream – notions –
gone riding your back once again, that odor, defuge, my face in
it – yours – my face yours – you say

“this image is the same image is the stale image the first image
of death is no image is the stale image the last image of death
is the stale image is the first image”

you get the idea – you say


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