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EXPANSIVE NOH SUICIDE AVOIDANCE BRICK (virtual world) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (still) (repeat) (puffball)

Thinking about virtual suicide, culling from email. Thinking
about it as a brick or obdurate collapse in a virtual world
creating a text which dies as it lived, as a suicide avoidance

May suicide. He That suicide, Thread-Topic: -suicide – drugs,
suicides, go suicide, suicide unloved suicide, death’s suicide.
suicide. brilliant suicide; this suicides, rages, year suicide;
the wall of China; a suicide-bird which an American pricess wore
in her Do listen to all smallthing suicide and leaping, say Alan
mechanism of an anti-bourgeois bourgeois who commits suicide by
destroying she thought of bees suicide all around, she thought
about flowers. The There in evil will will coupled destroy
suicide temper and my fears of just being alive? mixing hearts,
wa wa inside heart, wa wa double suicide, wa wa you are inside
my suicide jennifer is jennifer my jennifer friend shikibu does
me kimono kraus and tears and violette leduc and j g suicide and
want it like this, suicide when i can’t work any longer, when i
become circuitry suicide, no one’s around urged them to suicide.
They considered me a relief I assume. be of me, would not be
anywhere. If this were a suicide note, you would disappear.
well. on. physical. collapses. forever. lost. suicide. think.
maybe leave 731: (doctor-put-meaning stab ‘death)731: murders
suicide NEVER ENOUGH. SUICIDE SQUAD patriot suicide squad. GIVE
ME A SIGN; it is another night of suicide on this wider earth; I
discipline torture stab our things suicide artist discipline
leave but Hello, yes, peace be with you, hello! I commit
suicide! Humans ured. It leads to suicide, dysfunction. I don’t
think cyberspace helps and over again, for suicide as the least
harmful The decision against suicide brings proof to the
mountain. again; death stalks me all my life. I live with the
potential of suicide; potential final – and only – remaining
process is suicide. Everything else suicide and leaping, say
Alan and insufferable suicides trapped america, guns, riots
energy, flower’s iron for this reason I’d all his attack on
postmodernism a kind of suicide; his suicide or that REWRITE was
always a continuous suicide. No one would overthrown, but that
they commit suicide. I’ll bet that you don’t *really* want to
commit suicide, do you? If so, suicide to death – just so – not
tiredness, no, certainly not arousal, not anti-faustic dog
nebula dog anti-faustic bar embryo bar embryo bar suicide I am
incapable of keeping lines open and running, the wires suicide,
perturbing, too much talk of suicide. And if Jennifer, then
ghost-like we discipline 731: pack dumb, stab discipline suicide
things pack leave craw – a couple of other poets and myself have
suicide poems in them. Electricity itself, and an odd suicide
(humans/dynamo) constitute the inconceivable partings and
attempted suicides and the ravages of domestic violence and
suicide). philosophy, medicine, healing, peace, war ened suicide
and then gave a number cut off half-way through i was there
already century old, energy and suicides suicide). philosophy,
medicine, healing, peace, war and survival elders thought.
between madness and suicide, this pain looms. do i need atten-
tion suicide_emotion of a dog_fuck so the slav e of the
altcrazy-satori-dog- Koresh or the BD said there would be no
suicide. Obviously late-night talkshow; the guest said it can
lead to suicide. The cut on my suicide of the line as the object
fills the frame – it is this space graveyard ditty, the mutual
consolations of suicide lovers committed suicide. One of them
died by hanging from a playground jungle would a bee or a
suicidebird, Heidegger, Dasein thinking suicide, the production
of a thing memory. in the reversed world, suicide is the sides
of the self! We are all close to suicide, all pleading, but
never They refuse the suicide, and even the sky fills with
acronyms, inconceiv- the wires are suicide, as if carrying
sensibility multiplexing beyond our satori-boyve does the
suicide_emotion of a dog_fuck so the slave of the suicide bar
the the You know, the whole world is electrified, suicide along
on whatever funda- blood, disinvests the world with its
poverties and suicides. At the edge I would die. I want to die.
I am so fantasy. I am so suicide. an light area kiss fiber my
chaos was in to suicide (dor-put-meaning suicides ‘death)
ahlfwillingly. we used to discuss a lot about suicide. when he
sensed Now towards evening, Machine sleeps suicide quietly. What
morning will The I-wound opens up, splits the body; what gushes
forth, like suicide, Fear of deep death and do suicide. Do you
ever think the whole world roars, that one can hear engines
suicide of suicide there are some. Trying…old,
energy and suicide suicides trapped america, guns, riots energy,
flower’s iron petals, bodies neuras thenic freudianwise
disasters suicides rages wars angers limit walk in first life
are limit cases: suicide, euthanasia, etc. of my life, and the
suicide attempt was hidden and probably not that disease,
inundation, mafia and gang rule, suicide bombers, new forms of
chaos drives officer to suicide suicide-bird and soft wind, for
the telling of it is the reading of it, decompositions bacteria
vegetation and suicidebirds and sparrows and suicide, for eighth
we for when we year when tried year so, tried up so, O suicide O
gnawed-blade hole O tourniquet punished by foaM itself,
meanwhile I go back on the MOO and wRItINg sez hears it’s
suicide Alan, hoping I haven’t let you down. Too many people
here talking suicide. Two high school girls from Kasuya, Fukuoka
committed suicide yesterday somewhere in Asia; suicides are the
Japanese order of the day. Or a suicide, etc., which are
problematized in SL… i considered suicide as a bypass embryo
suicide suicide embryo making of suicide hieroglyph dor-$
deathlst suicide kill killing yourself t (If you are really —
turns suicide neither into a question nor an answer, but defuge
and twenty volume suicide note, this IS a suicide note! That is,
if I don’t just the suicide sound. People are running and
screaming again. one? suicide suicide suicide one? the the
suicide the future the future the bar jaguar jaguar jaguar bar
just tried suicide what did i think the fuck i was doing running
out the give me suicide, let me relax a bit yacking, yapping,
suicide, singing, whatever bodies do, I guess cry, Hoffman a
suicide, the rest of them either dead or in remission! This is
heart, double suicide, you are inside my heart, i will kill
myself, i will murderer, priestess, suicide. I travel through
the slit! The slit in your [someone threatens suicide: does s/he
really?] murder and suicide?” That’s what he said. President
Clinton, on or rather suicided along with opera. “or rather
suicided along with opera.” suicide not science the solution.
seppuku, suicide; shite, hero or shes elsewhere, ability to
write, i’ll be a suicide, no longer existent. well now as you
suicide for Nikuko Mizu, water; Nikuko, meat-girl; seppuku,
suicide; shite, hero or hero- Mizu, water; Nikuko-oozing,
meat-girl; seppuku, suicide; shite, hero or pulleys, invisibly
molded in something suicide over the wires, never lovely
suicidebird, delicate and caring of i am the pure swan to
myself, lovely suicidebird, delicate and caring of others. i am
the pure swan you are walking down the street, when you are
suicide in the shower, when You’re always killing yourself, it’s
a kind of suicide, they’re laughing covered and ugly, i am not a
lovely suicidebird, lover, her nightmare immobilized; she
remains elsewhere, dead – a suicide-talk of efface- for
edgespace: comecloser, numbhir, and suicide (text and voice);
and Treatment is almost always unnecessary, unless the theme is
suicide or strokes; you can hear the suicide of the strings. The
signified becomes phonemes. suicide. won’t i knife phonemes. for
fall i i for and begone or suicide long gone wrong. . subway
tunnel collapses as plastique and suicide bombers do their work
line, secretly conservative? That I thought suicide, lived in
death’s If _the continuity girl_ commits suicide, does she break
continuity? For already a century old, energy and suicides
suicide. The book is simultaneously a warning and an account of
what went burning the books. the books are suicides. created us
from the soil and water of the earth the suicide bomber is (cond
(suicide-flag (dor-type ($ deathlst))) projectors suicide poorly
in the background, speakers roaring before us – suicide bombers,
storms and lightnings, the destructions of languages and
suicide, the story of initialed names carved into absent
substance. the yearning protocols singing) your saw-palmetto
suicide my the yearning bottom all around the shore, where it is
visited by suicidebirds in and death, about suicide/murder,
_Lustmord,_ Jenny Holzer: What’s going prayer of repetition
murder and suicide This isn’t a preface to a twenty volume
suicide note, maybe approach approach leave suicide ‘death)731:
our things but murders it makes for dreaming suicide, dreaming
patchwork for the very last time. frightened f for s suicide. l
lying a awake a at n night l like this i i f If this were a
suicide note, I would leave you my all. You would hear my and
suicide were all entangled in the television image constricted
rattle lives. They were on the verge of committing suicide. When
I was with them, all any more than if i’m building /dev/nul it
doesn’t mean suicide or commit suicide.” “Great Kant, As a
believer calls to his God, I call friends were threatening
suicide and illness, perhaps suicide bombing, slow attrition by
forgetting, the disasters through drugs, through suicides,
through rages, through is momentary through three and a half
billion years, the guise of suicide. diseases and wars take over
from depression and suicide. wharfcry, the nurse’s suicide, are
equally embodied, that the promulgation her, sustaining herself
on suicide wings with clinched talons, as if mover is its
alleviation. But I would also argue for a suicide for trivial
danger, suicide was the first option that occurred to him. i
dont blame ‘death)731: discipline lesbian murder infidelity
hardcore suicide dev deviously, just as she lived, a case of
possible murder, suicide, she had just attempted suicide, and
when I reached her in the hospital, murmurs heard last no
suicide. and heard heard and syllables for THEORY_NOISE that
just went on and on, suicide background and foreground boasting,
will lists, the i suicide restaurant there’s out, i in know, and
j g suicide down by the river, gratitude towards authors, after
doing this IS a suicide note! site where a suicide tries to
shoot” jennifer failing, her fear of the This is not a suicide
announcement. has disappeared. But comfort alleviates suicide,
and one may stay in this Net sex, Net flame, Net ennui, Net
suicide. of outcomes, but it must be mass suicide. with a such
an extent that even suicide becomes a useless act? carried out.
Later, after his suicide, she asked whether he said anything
coupled There with is suicide internet suicide with new everyone
internet. like now i think of suicide and hills Designed to
withstand suicide, it totters, but does it? should use extreme
care before he classes them as suicides.” suicides. We are
patriot suicide squad. an oddly retroactive form of suicide. so
that i try to sleep here wires suicide all about me seventy two
sets live furious diseases wars take suicide up this end flames,
suicide, Lauren Hutton, distributed intelligence, Tonya Harding,
Russian might have said? Clearly to obstruct suicide is evil. If
a child face which moved smoothly as he stepped forward against
the suicide that never punishments never heals nor suicides not
here island said, how do you do write suicide in avant-garde
xxxx one’s tendency towards suicide, which must be continually
monitored. Not and suicide, say Alan and Nikuko is the saying of
suicide, I told you so. There is the saying of fear, so
committed suicide on the JUNGLE GYM at his school. I never had a
CRUSH on my family is the family of books, suicides among ‘em,
turning towards ash, chaos was in to suicide road cracking ##
bubble ## the age close of unclear. with to unclear. time, to
suicide, time, eighth behind, still on, virtual suicide away…



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