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A Poet’s Devotion


the ultimate origins of the root word *men* – I do not feel
that there is conflict between the concepts of “moon”,
“measurement” and “memory”, “mind” and I believe that
we are not dealing with three separate roots but with one
that has a number of shades of interrelated meanings
which further extend into regions of “future memory”,
“prophecy” and the concept of “fate”

a single root-sound can be the focal point in a constellation
of analogous symbols and abstractions

many philologists have noted the connection between
the words for “moon” and “measurement” in different
languages and even with the concept of time itself

the association of mind with memory is also intriguing
as in the ancient Greek word for “truth” – alethia
(literally a = not + lethe = forgetting) – simply stated it is
ultimately a synonym for Mnemosyne = “memory”, “remembrance”


I also believe that poets should devote more to exploring
the roots of the words they use to take full advantage
of their inherent “DNA” and their subliminal associations

that can help determine precisely the right word when
a number of options are open

not every reader will be able to consciously tap into the
ancestral echoes, but those who do will be grateful for
the effort that has been taken to ensure a continuity of
meaningful imagery and for the nourishment provided
by an experience of an archetype

thank you, Ιωνας Θεόδωρος



ill. top: Minoan Geranos (“Crane Dance”), pottery fragment discovered in the ruins of Argos
ill. bottom: Laussel, Oldest Calendar, sand stone carving





Door Adriaan Krabbendam

Adriaan Krabbendam (Tunis, 1955) is antiquary, profound sleeper, doctor of the unknown, coachman of relations between the chthonic and the restricted human role in disasters, beachcomber laureate, firm simpleton, now and at the hour of our death, factotum of cities and landscapes, world without end

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