beeld erger tekst

she,straddling my lap,

              she, straddling my lap,
hinges(wherewith I tongue each eager pap)
and,reaching down,by merely fingertips
the hungry Visitor steers to love’s lips
Whom(justly as she now begins to sit,
almost by almost giving her sweet weight)
O,how those hot thighs juicily embrace!
and(instant by deep instant)as her face
watches,scarcely alive,that magic Feast
greedily disappearing least by least—
through what a dizzily palpitating host
sharp inch by inch)swoons sternly my huge Guest!
until(quite when our touching bellied dream)
unvisibly love’s furthest secrets rhyme.

e.e. cummings


(from Late Poems, in ETCETERA – The unpublished poems of EE CUMMINGS,
ed. G.J. Firmage & R.S. Kennedy, Liveright, New York London 1973-1983)


ill. Maurizio Barraco, El recuerdo