To stand around with the lavender footprints of Artaud gives vibes of oxymoron signatures.

This is not going to let letters behind the paper house.

The closer he smiled the rock and film against its place in wrapping trees.

Assume gravity stains the morning like smoke lands the teething knowledge.

Where do kites that might dream collapse onto a painting from visible disbelief?

Doubtless blame rather than audience prevention by birds or milkbottles can maybe prevent his tongue from flower busting through streets.

The last dirigible is too big for the sky.


Also Spake Moby Dick

so there they whale
you thou ye
which and now are what
their had when then
like man or who no
an do will them
out were into
more we
zarathustra upon
up if would some did
its old only your still been
over thus great
such these ship
sea hear how
other than those
ahab good said
long thy time
thee yet must down men
even last
also about most see
again well though
hath before may any
very head himself
way say us
too day life
her much where little every unto
ever first after
many two boat can
has world own could captain
love our should
come go through
away once god shall
things seemed white while
hand round
know am three
thing o hear
being never whales
let look stub same
new queequeg chapter
ones eyes sperm
soul off among might night
made oh just far almost
without water came back
side mine become
thought doth small
called against right
take why
verily spirit starbuck
part deck found nor seen
because another something
make always fish
cried spake people
air body hands
nothing place tell
sir pequod think nietzsche
higher earth each speak
whole she half best
myself virtue themselves
stand light line
heard feet death eye towards perhaps
aye full sun
sort high give call
art therefore saw both
soon enough under present boats
evil end whom poor crew
between everything don went
times strange along
ah put word whaling
hard whose find mast dead
matter till thyself better
live ears
want hear face
around indeed deep
true seem truth
going stood open power
moment above often hold whether
rather get wild fire
does seas lay already sight
words sail longer
flask mouth hast certain young wind living black
few voice order happiness
days bad work voyage
hour set
land home blood arm
alone run morning sleep
cannot legs heads least done keep heaven
sometimes nantucket leviathan known together
human devil seems name mind gone
turned self reason
oil learn standing ships
ground iron wisdom
case woman within point large friend
ere bed aloft second left jonah
cry account moby length
dick cabin
tail forth brethern since sailor
further says ocean mate lie harpooner
strong instant beyond
beneath answered turn
thoughts near king
feel believe became looking friends
four children board behind
yes whatever vast nature lord
fine yea harpoon
fast dark book
animals wise
general especially waters
thousand short pip
peleg hearts having fellow clear
weary top thine silent sat
pity others means heavy ears began
whalemen lower hope given
concerning chance thereby
taken sure noble nigh child
business broad rope free else
ten less cave rest ready
learned yourselves
lost green behold wilt seek
mountains entire coming close
boy woe slowly purpose
hundred gods foam
fishery fact cold took
suddenly laugh
gold foot common
souls nevertheless
mr legs course broken
bottom values highest help
greatest forward die vain
next monster house future fool
cometh break told taking spout
quite longing lo bear view
talk room passed
knew eternal comes change everything
watch vessel teeth superman
stern skin peculiar
otherwise nay
jaw does cook below
wide tashtego table
struck sit sailors red mere
kept indian honour hitherto
goes door cut curious cast
straight master mark
ivory harpooners grand eternity
either dog besides alas turning
try tree story
sound savage
midnight main knowledge
height got fear craft
coffin show saith golden evening
waves wanteth used shadow
pass particular bow
bones sign past mean english bone war
sweet stranger sky
sharp sharks saying mighty
making kings hours gave fain
distance creature born blue
unless sudden state
sails running
read question
pull none lightning
except calm


shattered glass
with the chandelier
of your dying

Can such
spirits revolving
like bodily fantasies
mean that they
present wonder
and miracles?

As lovely as
lovely secrets
become very little
subliminal seeding
commits a possible

Posing for
insane realities
which might quiver
and levitate the
philosopher looked
like magnetic megalomania
from a ghostly

Fluorescent debris
has planted the avenging
bloom of disgust and dementia
kept taking too much of
memory’s membrane.

The hallucinatory
impression dawns on the
inscribing of bodies while
mysticism mysteriously explains
all too literal the decay
seen by parallel humanity.
Authorless with unwritten
writing since
could never
handle the

horror seen everywhere.




It is late.

We are in a room


There is no way out.

Lust rages in

every corner.

A red light glows

and your

eyes steal my passion.

Passion deeper

than my

cock is yours.

I pour

a bottle of

red wine

on your breasts.

My desire

is your desire.

To lick

the wine

from your red

moist nipples.

It is late

and we have much

to do to each

other or we deep kiss

until morning

locked in each other’s

love sweat body.

I have no tokens

left to make you

cum but words

can burn

forever in the

lust drenched


is this moment.



the lovely
women where
the garden
of maddening
lilies uplifted.
Kisses and
laughter attend
to all my
blushing friends
in its wild
flutter. When
wandering and
pensive from
my voice
is dying
to haunt the
dark earth
with roses
fresh from
beneath the
thyme. For me
to please you
more than
honey and more
than drifting snow
I will deepen
peeping lovers
and subtle nymphs.
Midnight of the
strange meadows
brings with my
desire the sacrifice
of rarest passion.
So when cryptic lovers
would persuade me
to touch the muses
I pray that yesterday
blew away the
awkward dreams.
Towering over my body
quivers music melting
divine embrace and
some exhausted words
will dazzle
my floating island.



Crooked and simple
have been wrongly

attributed to the
land of sunflower flute.

Scroll with writing
on unquiet mists are

all withered by
the dews of wine.

A ghost cried
about stories from

their love silks
between the clouds—

strangers together
will pluck wistaria

away from
the village serpents.

When dawn came home
to bed the world

rolled from the sky
swiftly daring moonlight

as painting silk.
Autobiographical juggler

as the magpie’s
of wine and laughing

gaze has never changed
from minding stubborn.

The old wanderer moors
his mistress behind

the apricot tree
and laughing companions

lie buried
beneath the river.

Across orchards
and brambles

until the shrine
of wine sits close

by the chance
that the sages are

all withered.
Candles forgotten

could only hope
for illumined conception

by exploits of
pearls and flesh.

Scatter evidence
of all the sorrows

that listening can evade.



Imperceptible signal
passed between the rooms
as if she saw
a visionary child
that had never guessed
at unaided revolution.
She became peaceful
in her manner
and she attended
the great swinging cypresses
where the smoke rose
into a momentous world.
After watching for
some canaries of
enviable flowers drooped
in their plumage
and that beneath
their stories were revelations
she had yet to want.
There was a pause
with her astonishing emotions
and so squeezing
her own amusement
in tangled books
with strangeness vacillating.
Waiting on the
edge of circus bandboxes
was to write a continued
starlight of obscure objects.
As she spoke she
exclaimed emphatically
about her undertaking
in questions like
grasping the orchestra
of friendship and
her voice quivered.

erger tekst


Is knowing the first wooing of our ancestors in spaceland? We can only constraint and pervert jealousy. You ask if you want to use the vegetables or vantentimes. Deliver the women to abbreviated evils as they duplicate the identical luminary organisms. Now listen t o revelations imparted by deviations or suspicious indiscretions such as diabolical words or forgetfulness. Nightfall rebellion against the conceit which would limit our dimensions to reaffirm what the stranger originates by intervening. Experiences remain motionless until attempting to discriminate between different vocabulary or obscurity and the necessity of their tantalizing dream.


exemption text