the lovely
women where
the garden
of maddening
lilies uplifted.
Kisses and
laughter attend
to all my
blushing friends
in its wild
flutter. When
wandering and
pensive from
my voice
is dying
to haunt the
dark earth
with roses
fresh from
beneath the
thyme. For me
to please you
more than
honey and more
than drifting snow
I will deepen
peeping lovers
and subtle nymphs.
Midnight of the
strange meadows
brings with my
desire the sacrifice
of rarest passion.
So when cryptic lovers
would persuade me
to touch the muses
I pray that yesterday
blew away the
awkward dreams.
Towering over my body
quivers music melting
divine embrace and
some exhausted words
will dazzle
my floating island.

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