Imperceptible signal
passed between the rooms
as if she saw
a visionary child
that had never guessed
at unaided revolution.
She became peaceful
in her manner
and she attended
the great swinging cypresses
where the smoke rose
into a momentous world.
After watching for
some canaries of
enviable flowers drooped
in their plumage
and that beneath
their stories were revelations
she had yet to want.
There was a pause
with her astonishing emotions
and so squeezing
her own amusement
in tangled books
with strangeness vacillating.
Waiting on the
edge of circus bandboxes
was to write a continued
starlight of obscure objects.
As she spoke she
exclaimed emphatically
about her undertaking
in questions like
grasping the orchestra
of friendship and
her voice quivered.

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