Auteur: Marco Giovenale

Marco Giovenale lives in Rome, where he works as an editor and translator. He’s founder and editor of (2006) and (2011). He’s author of linear poetry, asemic stuff, photography, experimental prose pieces. Some linear texts in English: “A gunless tea” (2007, also at, “CDK” (2009, see, “anachromisms” (2014:, “white while” (2014: Four e-artbooks (as differx) at Paper books of asemic works: Sibille asemantiche (Camera verde, 2008), This Is Visual Poetry / by Marco Giovenale (ed. by Dan Waber, 2011), Asemic Sibyls (RedFoxPress, 2013), Syn sybilles (La camera verde, 2013). Visual works in anthologies: Anthology Spidertangle (Xexoxial, 2009), The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics, 2012), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij, 2013), A Kick in the Eye (Createspace, 2013). One sibyl is in The New Concrete. Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (V. Bean and Ch. McCabe, eds; Hayward Publishing, 2015). His site is

theartview – duet with artist at 21er haus


At the centre of the 21er Haus exhibition Duet with Artist – Participation as Artistic Principle lie the audience and its role in the creation of a work of art. Historical and contemporary positions show how artists activate others and call them to action. To think of art as an essential part of life in which “everyone” can participate is not only fundamental to the understanding of art of the 20th and 21st centuries but is one of the fundamental democratic values ​​of our society. The exhibition addresses the active participation of visitors and encourages a critical and creative attitude. In some situations, the viewers perform an artistic act or become an art object themselves. Thus, evoked ideas can become the work of art, as can the execution of instructions or the collaboration with others. The exhibition expands upon the institution of the museum by calling for social action and creating space for encounters. A cooperation between the 21er Haus and the Morsbroich Museum in Leverkusen, Germany. Curated by Axel Köhne. Sep 27th, 2017 to Feb 04th, 2018.

With works by Vito Acconci, Robert Barry, Joseph Beuys, stanley brouwn, Angela Bulloch, John Cage, Claus Föttinger, Rodney Graham, Hans Haacke, Christine Hill, David Horvitz, Pierre Huyghe, Yves Klein, Tomas Kleiner, Krüger & Pardeller, Mischa Kuball, Dieter Meier, Bruce Nauman, Yoko Ono, OPAVIVARÁ!, David Shrigley, Gabriel Sierra, Juergen Staack, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Wolf Vostell, Franz West and Erwin Wurm.

flood / differx. 2007

the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist         flame flood fisten, fist    rich
loop flame flood hare real shared real r coldless
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        share roar        it       lists the flood   fli
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loop flame flood hare real shared real r coldless
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                  outside front of the
        share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozhare real shared real r n timestside front of the cor or not to be read in time        cheap code     outside front of thehare real shared real r   a cheaply encrypted coit              outside front of the       share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist   poor      flame flood fist
        share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist         flame flood fisten, fist    rich
loop flame flood hare real shared real r coldless
                  outside front of thehare real shared real rent harwe rea whare reaw écrits purs écrits de scéne
                  outside front of the cordless loop
        share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist         flame flood fist punctum écriture
        shahare real shared real r-much
                  outside front of the
        share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist         flame flood fistre roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times              cost too         frost, frozen, fist        flame flood fistfist
         share real shared real r
                  outside front of the
        share roar        it       lists the flood   flight    n times                       frost, frozen, fist         flame flood fist

sound rituals / jim leftwich, bill beamer. 2017

sound ritual number 45

ti on anines how many damp
9 Art 9, , 331 i ific nineteen
ance of the sscusses fragrant
 the sign ere essential ticks
to d Duc p the art of maham cart
kinappropriad kidnapped
 gart in the agduerepro mayhem
ti c on DuchaMa melp r cel Dupont
, Fra Marcel the signifier
, 19 society, the grown trance 
Manychamp the nine tie on

​november 2017​


sound ritual number 46

leaks change and​ parcel face​
shape tub valves​ minnow snap​
raucous what​ wink pillow​
 tho fan pire​ mantic surf​
the rise of​ the serif​
serf o man​ pyre fanatic​

pillcep win​ that faucets​
win ow cap​ values rubs cape​
place Marcel​ in chance beaks​

november 2017

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