appel à textes / images

Appel à textes | images
Call for submissions

Pour le prochain numéro d’un rectangle quelconque, vous pouvez nous envoyer vos textes en français, images, (3 pages A4 maximum svp), happenings, performances de l’écran, mots doux, poème visuel hard, bref, tout ce qui rentre dans trois pages A4 maximum.

Date butoir (et non deadline) :
dimanche 21 août à 23h57.

For the next issue of un rectangle quelconque you can send us, if you so wish, your texts in English, pictures, (3 A4 pages maximum please), happenings, screen performances, sweet words, harsh vispo poems, well, all that fits in three A4 pages maximum.

Deadline (not date butoir) :
Sunday 21st August at 11:57 p.m.

Adresse | address : revueunrectanglequelconque at

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Door Marco Giovenale

Marco Giovenale lives in Rome, where he works as an editor and translator. He’s founder and editor of (2006) and (2011). He’s author of linear poetry, asemic stuff, photography, experimental prose pieces. Some linear texts in English: “A gunless tea” (2007, also at, “CDK” (2009, see, “anachromisms” (2014:, “white while” (2014: Four e-artbooks (as differx) at Paper books of asemic works: Sibille asemantiche (Camera verde, 2008), This Is Visual Poetry / by Marco Giovenale (ed. by Dan Waber, 2011), Asemic Sibyls (RedFoxPress, 2013), Syn sybilles (La camera verde, 2013). Visual works in anthologies: Anthology Spidertangle (Xexoxial, 2009), The Last Vispo Anthology (Fantagraphics, 2012), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij, 2013), A Kick in the Eye (Createspace, 2013). One sibyl is in The New Concrete. Visual Poetry in the 21st Century (V. Bean and Ch. McCabe, eds; Hayward Publishing, 2015). His site is