code erger tekst

Let’s try to imagine radio’s main station in the air, a spider’s web of lines, storm clouds of lightning bolt.

A hijacked skype conversation going mad

Cyber Poetry

Transcript of a skype conversation hijacked and augmented by free form association , probably done by Chinese (?) automated server farms somewhere in Asia or straight from the CIA headquarters. We talked about the authority of dentists and read out aloud some bills with the work done on my teeth. Concurrently my brother talked about radio of the future . Bizarrely some of the items we discussed were picked up in this strange mix-up.

Example text:

“On the great illuminated books in each town radio today as printed the story by your favourite writer an essay on the fractional exponents of space it description of airplane flights you about neighboring countries every clock one can read every choose. This one book. I did you come across an entire country stands in central every small town always surrounded by a ring of readers it carefully composed silent reading more in every settlement”

Read all of it : Enjoy!

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