erger tekst

Some notes about fertility and beginnings from swerve of shore to bend of bay as reported by Π knock i eau amongst others present:



pt th gd wtht vwls
th gd wtht n sh
t strtch tslf pn

pt th gd wth n bwls
th gd wtht n cntnt
n gts t rl pn

pt th gd wtht vwls
pt ths wh cvr p th sh
thr dpndnc klld

wtht th bndnt sh



t strtd wth th fml
t ndd wth th mpty skn
crs cnsstng f n mr thn
th htd fr lttr wrd

th pthtc gd stmblng
jst clth n clthng
wtht n flsh
t mbrc wmn

t strtd wth th
t ndd wth th dng snk
hssng wth htrd
fr thy tk hs skn

th spchlss gd s mmblng
thrgh hs slnt mgphn
hs lst hs wn nd nl lv
t th wrrrs f ht

wtht th bndnt sh