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Circus The Swarm Presents

〉 Circus The Swarm 〈
proudly presents!

Enter Mister Bullshead, all balanced potency, as Reverend Moondance!

A warm applause for Sister Homy, holding the Secret Pomegranate

Both will be

Assisted by Lady Camel, who is about to conceive with their full consent:

Boy Dalet, happily produced by the former threesome, aka Mr.Matter Hatter!

* Circus The Swarm opens its Curtains! *

With the lovely Missis Hook, on either side flanked by

Sir Sword Swallow & The Doors of Perception

Who bravely support both Trickster Knossos as well as Houdini Gatekeeper

All under the auspices of

The Fickle Finger of Fate!

*   *
*   *   *
*   *   *   *


sponsored by 
Number Nine Love Potion





Naturally [sic] the climate changes, and man acts a part in it. For man takes part of nature. Whether we lend a helping hand or try to reverse the change, it’s all part of it. It is haughty to think that mankind can bring this about or is able to stop it, we supply our paltry contribution to powers which in reality are totally beyond our control.
But man is good at measuring if he wishes, and dismissing scientifical conclusions is just as stupidly absurd and haughty.
One way or the other, earth is heating up, as she does from time to time. Trying to save our own skin is as brave as it is pathetic, and supplies at the same time a contribution. Those are the perspectives, in a smaller and broader sense.
Trump, who doesn’t give a damn about the matter, is a prick, and many others with him. For the sake of human dignity, or whatever you’ld call it, it is relevant to make a serious effort to call a halt to our own mismanagement. As for the rest we have no say whatsoever in the Matter.