15 songs #1

as drawn by jim leftwich

first of 15 songs generated by images made by Jim Leftwich and sent to me by mail. made with Melobytes, a free online AI Image to Sound app and the free Virtual ANS 3.0 synth

input image by Jim Leftwich
hit the arrow to play the first Song


SaNDGRaPH pseudo-code

//the’s coding is rusty still, it’s been out of the loop for 10 years!

var IMG_input = “DSCN5983.JPG”;
var IMG2MIDI_url = “”;
var params =(50, 55, Major, 62, 3/4, No, Yes);
var MIDI_app =(Ableton);
var recFile=new File(Audacity, record);

var genFile= new File( dv.genMIDI( IMG_input, IMG2MIDI_url, params, WAV);
var arrangFile= new File(dv.arrangMIDI, Ableton, morotic);
//’Ableton’ is the app used for the arrangement, ‘morotic’ is one of available modes/moods of arrangement of the dv-app

new Session()=dv.session.start ();
//begin recording session, that’s the hardest part, getting the morotic to do anything..
dv.start.recording (Audacity);
ANS. read ( IMG_input , looped);
// have ANS read the image in a continuous loop;
//once you got it running things start to happen! remember that!
//have dv monitor the mixing output to the recording file
//all it did was Normalising the Audacity output
dv.publish (recFile, WordPress);
//now that wasn’t too hard was it?
dv.comment (“frack of, will you”);

All files are released in the
Public Domain CC 0 1.0

Door Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

Lopende onderzoeksprogramma sinds 27/09/2004