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John Coxon Approaches the Isthmus of Darien



John Coxon Approaches the Isthmus of Darien

the green wall
i have never been able to speak properly
planetary personality graffiti
glenn gould gg allin
chancre moto
motto koto cotto
dulce sotto
unko otto

the green wall
i behaved poorly
my little plastic cup with pogo on it
the porkpie hat and ashcan school
the red face
the stove pipe
the rising tide of indifference
of difference
of compassion
of passion
youve probably seen this
i remained impassive
the impasse in my feeling was phenomenal

the green wall
the bamboo forest
as if we had entered the wall
and discovered it was no wall at all
but something closer
to an articulated zone behaving like a boundary in the act of compression
glenn gould greta garbo
youve probably seen this

i thought atrocious things
the idyll of chaos had never
died dove oldfin
olefins parafin
сухе kuiv
primordial polyphony
the green wall
glenn gould gary gianni
a wrong entry in the round
the green wall
and never believe it

matrixial mannerism
we picts are the scattered islands
i’m bad
transcendent non-transcendence
buffalo bamboo banach
green glue
guffawing γρυπός
i’m raising the bar
by lowering my expectations
alce alice
opinicus opinion
ziz-keruv (system curve)
this cueva go atrato


los katios



Door Lanny Quarles

Lanny Quarles is a temporal refugee and confused refusenik beating his own tom-tom in the wilderness of the post-post-modern..

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