beeld tekst

Principles of Non-Poetry

heeen would tel
to the deep crimson udders
which held themselves aloft
using specially modified sucker paps
to attach to the glass platters
where the luminous repasts were kept

kept kept heeen!
would tel
to deep crimson udder replace their soldiers heads
in the composition of glass volumes
housing the luminous repasts of shed

shed kept hooo!
heeen who kept kept sheddu!

keen wood shell
from which the deep crimson udder emerged
a venus for which the octopi
brain cow equations wept down down
into their wetnurse cutpurse research facilities
the wood shed log shed many sheddu tears
of milk
of monkeys
of blue monkey derived tendrils
of blue mandrill assed skin mandalas
the lavender frectum blashlight
of the kenning red

tel heeen hoo!
tel sheddu blodd hooter wood shooter ed!
brain coral octopi knight
who slays the dragon george
to protect
our deep crimson udder venus

what does it utter?
if keen be so hoo?
if heen be tel by goonswell
luminous repasts
will odor
by the dolorous shed
whose sheddu may not tel
and so
all these crimson red udders
will be trapped and clamped
in windows
their modified paps
struggling to the heavy sill


“tel sheddu” by Lanny Quarles

Door Lanny Quarles

Lanny Quarles is a temporal refugee and confused refusenik beating his own tom-tom in the wilderness of the post-post-modern..

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