Excerpt from the accounts of Chton


Excerpt from the accounts of Chton[i]

              – for Jac Naber

…alfway totters                                   the ant rabble                                    

manner of convoy equipped quenchless […] temper

digging digging

swallowed up froze in the prime mess
which we is set off to be
            we is salt current ice pulp

                                               boil fluid

in coil shrink exploding



gay geysering tide time
spinning in the spire span
            cosmococoon? we is cosmococooncook!                                         [-clock(?)]


half sublunary we is rainbow white
monkeys whirling
                                               newborn snow


in the lightless silence time


                                   we is always ever

[…] and all is just flowing
petrifies                      encircles
to powder purple fright

our amber is billions carat
we belches from the map […] prime forest
branches waving fall down
all the woody

just keep lying there for a while

after us the ant man
after the ant man
the licking sea

[let] be licking the sea
past the escape route signposting
of dull housing ants
on our burner without personnel

                                               we stays […]
                                               we flogs […]
                                               we spits […]                                                   [fire]

here at our whimpering hearth
lava harbour till ha…




[i] [largely] illegible petrefact xyloscript