We wanted the ice shelves to feel pain

Wanted to eat dark chocolate in artificial grass

To pierce the malevolent cloud totems

Count the fingers of the beast

Displace bleak turtle shells in acid dark soda

Crucify a fish bone in the barking throat of a mega star

Feel the soft snow through the shaft of a warm safe womb

Turn the world into a centrifuge of colors to find the pivot point

see only last things, as lasting things 

Seek the fervor truest to our trauma and each other’s faces

Yell eureka at the sadness of a lonely rib

Feel the sinews in your body revolt

Be the double sided thing you can’t look out of

A creature in a four dimensional sea

Where you become the voice of all that created you

And you hush, and you try its range, and you bite off all tails and lose all shape

And you are two hugging arms who forgot about each other.

Door Kamiel Choi

In Nederland geboren poète woonachtig ergens in Berlijn, Thailand of Zuid-Korea vanwaar hij tekstuele ellende de wereld in stuurt, tussen dewelke samenhang ver te zoeken is. Tevens vader van Miru, goddelijke hoedster van dode zielen, geboren in het jaar des Heren 2013.

Dichtbundel "Tiktaalik" verschijnt oktober 2020 bij uitgeverij De Kaneelfabriek