beeld tekst

Vexed to Cradle, By a Slouching SickSphinx

sick sphinx wander dark
a rummage rummage
a rummage rummage brick
a brick alley sick
sphinx sick alley cradle
A eye A eye sick animal

sacavenger mededium
mecoup ope

to the runner (or the falconer
with her rod cone pole)
There is no electricity
No sole elimination of further examples:
Wine is simple and beautiful,
but Kaṭvō is lickerish and
drowns all innocence in ignorance
which is a paradox turning pirouettes
on a nuance; That’s true
This decision is not good, but not bad
or real bad fast (tygre light)

Yes Yes, what happened?
Yes, the second time is dualysis
it Can be changed, and not changed
When you see a beautiful picture of the Holy Spirit
you will notice you will be Like glass in the picture
to the picture, the picture is a single clear
pane of glass, but
there are Other ingredients
a Powerful sun which states unequivocally:
“Stability is not only good”
no. the sun was always post-ontological
don’t listen to the sun.
the scavenger eats everything
sick shpinx yeets
spunk phanx
spock fritz
langue fox

its meats
its meats
all its meats together
to build a mona litsa

it’s Dark yeah, but now I know
this Gold medal
It turns out is
Night, player,
Shall I go to Bethlehem?

here then
is the centerless
omphalos of the desert
where some mean birds have gathered
to discuss their profits
at the delphi of dead dried dung
their bodies are examples of design failures
their environment is a design failure
their minds are design failures
the very matter itself which comprises the entire tableau
of their reality
is a design failure
to express the reality of the reality of their failure
cannot end in
but other than
a misprision’d hex-ample:

sick sphinx
rough beast
bong sutra
fetish prisoner drone cult

slouch lout
sluice lice
slick clout
suck pout

a canadian mountie
is eating at the Y

frog moon
frog moon

ideal pathology vectors
There is a continuous
voice, the disease is deceived

His doll
Thinks of Vesak lights
Among the weapons collected
is Iâ San

the brick bulb helmet
worn by the squid warlock demon
in gyre space (a design failure)



Door Lanny Quarles

Lanny Quarles is a temporal refugee and confused refusenik beating his own tom-tom in the wilderness of the post-post-modern..

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