Description of an imaginary painting

A war-scene depicting Santa Claus riding a white horse and fighting against Prince Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange. The scene focusses on the final outcome of the battle when Santa Claus defeats Willem-Alexander by pushing his lance into his body.

Prince Willem Alexander is seen falling from his horse, while Santa Claus triumphantly scaffolding his horse high above him. Santa Claus stands for the free cities of Holland besieged by – and finally felt to – the troops of Willem of Orange, the forefather of the current Prince

The scene is situated in front of the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, further backwards we see a glimpse of the famous Cuypers/van Gendt building Centraal Station and part of the Nicolaus Church at the former harbour.

To complicate matters Prince Willem Alexander is dressed in the uniform of the former Argentina junta.
Part of the bystanders are famous victims of the Orange regime as there are Johan van Oldenbarneveldt and the brothers Koerbagh


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