Eye Wheel Azalea

Swimming in the

Wine-dark sea / We

Were drinking from

     The sky-blue

Fountain / We were

Making love with

Our memories and

   Making poems

   With our Flesh

Mesh to Mesh

Nets to Nests

All bets are off

Lash to Leash

damaged, wreckage, flammable,

surcharge, flammage, garage,

collage, discharge, rummaged,

flummoxed, sandwich, Ice Age,

bandage, agile, fragile, ageist,

amiable, mammal, carnage,

inedible, illegible, incredible,

stoppages, turn the page

Are weeds not hints?

Are seeds not scents?

Are beads not bent?

Are beats not spent?

Are wheats not slant?

Are seams not plaits?

Untilled not guile poetica

       Eye wheel azalea

Miles and miles

   Of untilled acres

     Argyle not men?

       Are guile not men?

         Artillery not men?

           Arbitrary not men?

     Ars poetica not men?

Barbed wire not men?

Are we not chow mein?
are we knot pens?
Algebraic rig & rigor
are we knit mung

divided by the bean?

       root or route

       great goat gut grit

       divided by fiction

vote for verbatim voices

real Eating At lunch
got Are Eating read

Read got dare Beating

Gut hare Boating red

Barbie dolls and acrobats

Divided by pensive wines

         driving driving

Barbed wire dividends

Toiling for the byways

Arch peninsula arc of

  Bait wiring in the fire

     Barbed fire baited

       Dividends trolling

   Arc of wire wrapt

Isthmus as it lays

Barbed toiling arch bait

  Barley told arcade bat

Wire for peninsula wiring

  Will fill full pennies wind

Dividends by way of arc & fire

  Divisible by wayfarers five

At the side of the road
Regulated Regurgitations

got To read The riot
taught to Read the Riot
           You got to

           Until the end
ought to read the riot
9 ponies on the loose
9 people in a pIot

       No pilot light

   No ghosthorse

       In the flames
Unless you read the riot
Kilowatt gods & Moonchild
useless fictions of the Jewel
                   dancing lotus riot

unless you ride the flaming pony

Through the horseless smoke
haggle with the dance

Haggle with the Dawn
     Are we not meanings

     Piling up and moving on

     Like pellets in a poem?
riot Growing roots
quickens among the axons
Among the dendrites

Turn down the Night

Turn down the Day
slow down the dawn
driving like a Jewel
dirty tithes of yesteryear
you got to up the ante

     Quick among

     The slow-driving

     Tides of yesterday 

You got to eye

Let the wheel

You got to azalea

Let the eye

You got to wheel

Let the azalea

You got to eye

Let the wheel

You got to azalea

Let the eye

You got to wheel

Death Valley, CA