Gunk Dog Very Ur

ihpotch ihpotch
   ihpotch ihpotch
   ihpotch ihpotch

Gilgamesh Lost in
The thousand
Faces of the West

fern green swordferns
       Given tooth
Fins Nocturnal forgeries
     fjords & finality
The mereological circle
Multiplied by itself &
Divided by it's opposite
Rutabaga tungsten
Birdbath whortleberry
Every breath postdated
Deem Forklift Vacuous
Vacuole escutcheon
Gummy bears table
spoon Bit
coin rustling Boiler
plate sailing cactus

Salt silt silk
Milk mild mind
Mine wine fine
Fire fir fur
For or ore
Core corn horn
Born barn yarn
Yearn earn ear
Fear far farm
Harm ham yam
Jam Jim him
Hum sum sun
Pun pan pin
Pint pant part
Art cart car
Card bard bird
Bard bark ark
Mark mart malt
Halt Walt salt

badminton mutton
Flagellated briar patch
       Racket gall
twixt coeval sentences
Triumphalism Rampant
Turn yourself inside-out
           You're a rain
     Dance in the desert
Carrion the wayside
       Sun / Don't
   You Try Too Hard
global Herd Frontage
Rode Gone to Hone

yawp pULveriZed
Yet Until unified Utilities
     Umbrella livery
Urchin Omelette Iagoon 
         Iaunched Onus

Ambergris lunch
Laocoon Ornette plasticine
           Levy umbral
Titular fire units betting
     Verified pulse raw
Mitigated flumes

        In One
One In, Piscine
udder ih pony
Huckster ur
VoLUme toy
Inching hinge
Vibrantly Lee
cIipper Chip
         In one
       PoX ih zip
             pOx ur cusp
Xeriscaped chickenpox
By the pox of the moon
Yesterday is ziplocked
Under the dying Sky
a cactus-eating insect
a fish flash flushing
A Fish Flask
     So an Albatross
     Do As Fire
     Soda Dead Fire
Dog Squared
Dog Dogs Sour
The dog flies
like a 
Pig in Flour
       fog spur
       Dog fire
       square gull
       Soda Dog
Axis of Albatross
dog PoX,

Nineteen cellophane
Nighttime plasticine
Piscine night fishing
Cellophane nineteen

Part park perk
Pert port pork
Fork cork cord
Word ward yard
Hard ward wart
Hart dart part

ihahbahha bahah
ihahbahha ahbah
ihahbahha ahbah
ihahbahha bahah

Part art are
Bare care dare
Fare hare mare
Pare rare rare
Ware war warn
Tarn tar tear
Team ream seam
Seem deed seed
Weed weld well
Fell tell bell
Belt felt pelt
Melt malt mart
Tart dart part 

Zoo PoX very Impoxx
BoX Zoom very Exploxx
Zoot FoX very
         Zoon Very zoon
               HoaX Very Else
Impoxx impoxximate

Education for work or
War Emptying
Another another
As Far as the Ear can
Hear, Falling aground
A kind of lyrical music
         Gangrene mud
Wrestling Asemous Ghosts
             Asyntactic Ghoats
         Gosts of Horrific
     high school
auditoriums, Hunting

Gilgamesh hunting in
The thousand
Forests of the West
Change life
Transform the world
Change the world
Transform life

Very gunk dog
Canine gunk
Rug gunk Grain
Dog very gunk

ih very ur gunk ih
dog ur cat ih nine
ur gunk ih rig ur
funk ih rain ur fog
ur dog ih very ih
gunk dog very ur

Event Gilgamesh Even
Eventually gunk
Tea metamorphosis team
Yes gunk gunk eyes
Yes Every Gilgamesh
Hammering change
Eh transformation Hammer
Eh venting metamorphosis
Gilgamesh in Gunk
   In Gilgamesh

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